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Gluten or gluten is found in all products displayed in the supermarket. Manufacturers use vegetable protein to extend shelf life, to add viscosity and density. The substance is found in sausages, dairy products, in baked goods, beer, chips, and even tablets.

Gluten is harmless for 98% of the inhabitants of our planet, but people who lead a healthy lifestyle prefer to arrange fasting days or sit on a gluten-free diet. It is necessary to distinguish between products containing natural vegetable protein (wheat, rye, oats, barley) and products containing artificial gluten, which is dangerous.
Gluten-free foods include nuts, honey, meat, stewed fruit, tea, natural dairy products, and dried fruits.

Dried fruits are one of the most popular snacks, especially apple snacks. Many people use dried fruit for stewing, baking, or eating like snacks during a snack.

How to choose dried fruits without gluten?

Natural fruits will never contain gluten, but as then, vegetable protein gets into dried fruits.
Almost all types of dried fruits presented in large stores and even in markets are chemically treated. Manufacturers use dyes, sugar, and other harmful components to give an attractive appearance and increase shelf life.
When choosing snacks, pay attention to the composition and appearance, excessive shine, unnatural color, and perfect fruit should alert. All this indicates a chemical treatment.

It is better to dry apples or pears on your own or choose eco-products on our website.

What is dangerous gluten?

Disruption of the digestive tract, abdominal pain, deterioration of the skin, irritability, developmental delay in children – this is not the whole list of negative effects of gluten on the body. Be attentive to your health and choose natural products.

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