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Red Apple

Red apple, due to the content of iron and pectin, removes cholesterol from the body, helps in the work of the digestive tract and most importantly – contributes to weight loss! Isn’t it a dream to eat a delicious dessert and lose weight?



Indulge in the pleasure of enjoying delicious snacks without harming your health.

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Red Apple

Red apples are natural stimulants that give the body the necessary energy. They act as the prevention of many diseases, normalize the digestive tract, improve metabolic processes, saturate with vitamins and minerals. They are indispensable for people on a diet, for vegans, children, students, pregnant women and everyone who wants to give up bad habits and get the necessary substances in a natural way, without taking medications.

Red apples are the way to a beautiful figure, fresh mind, good mood, and a strong body.

The benefits of red apples:
  • Help in losing weight; there are special diets based on eating apples.
  • Necessary for people with cardiovascular disease. Removing excess water and salt from the body helps reduce pressure.
  • The composition contains natural acids: boric, malic, citric – they stimulate the production of gastric juice and improve general digestion processes.
  • Lower cholesterol: 2-3 apples a day are enough to feel better.

Apple snacks are a natural and healthy snack all year round.

Red apple snacks

Snacks made from red apples stimulate the flow of vital energy, strengthen immunity and help you quickly overcome stress and fatigue. The vitamin-mineral complex contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, selenium, iodine, vitamins of group B, PP, C, E. Apples are a natural storehouse of useful substances necessary for people of any age.
They will be useful for kids, school children, students, athletes, young mothers, office workers and everyone who wants to monitor their health and forever abandon harmful snacks on the go.

Apple snacks are a 100% natural product, without the addition of dyes, oils or preservatives. Even when dried, the fruit retains its unique properties.

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Quitte getrocknet, vor dem Trocknen in feine Scheiben geschnitten entwickelt sie ein besonders feines, herb-säuerliches Aroma, das seinesgleichen sucht. Eignet sich bestens für feine Backwaren, Desserts und Müslis.
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We have prepared a perfect blend for fans of tropical fruits, freeze-dried exotic fruits. Mango, pineapple, melon and banana, all in the form of a crunchy snack.
Freeze-dried raspberries
We are proud to offer you our novelty, freeze-dried raspberries. 100% natural and healthy snacks made in Germany will undoubtedly surprise you with their taste. We call it quite simply – "love from the first bite".
Freeze-dried strawberries
Freeze-dried strawberries are mainly used for making cakes, desserts and cookies, as well as jams. Chips are so diverse that they can enhance just about any food and drink.
Freeze-dried Melon
Undoubtedly, we say that our freeze-dried melon is a super-food. Compared to the other fruits, it contains a lot of vitamin C and fewer calories and carbohydrates, so it can even facilitate weight loss.
Freeze-dried Apricot
Even on the coldest winter day, you can enjoy the warmth of summer again, and all you need are a few slices of our freeze-dried apricots.
Freeze-dried Banana
Bananas are a good source of soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol. When you feel exhausted and tired, no other product will keep you energized for long. Moreover, bananas help remove excess fluid from the body.
Freeze-dried pineapple
Pineapple slices are perfect for fruit salads, porridge's and can even turn ordinary water into a chic cocktail. Sweet chips are especially popular with children, and it is difficult to imagine a better and healthier alternative to sweets and chocolate bars.
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